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Why should your past continue to haunt you even after you have served time for an arrest, or even ended up being dismissed? In the U.S., the details of any incident involving arrest will remain public record for as long as you live, unless you take the steps to seal and/or expunge those details legally once and for all.

Going about it on your own can take a lot of time and money, and if for any reason you fail to finish your application, your request may be rejected and you will be forced to wait even longer – something you simply cannot afford, given the consequences: difficult getting employment or rentals, not to mention the social stigma.

Lucky for you, Hochman and Goldin, P.A. – the top Miami Traffic Lawyers in South Florida – also employs some of the finest Miami Expungement Lawyers around. If your case was dismissed, or if you were granted a withhold of adjudication, they can help you seal and/or expunge your old criminal charges for good.

Not only can we keep your criminal record from ever showing up on a background check, but we make it so that you can legally deny or refuse to acknowledge the arrest, as if it never even happened!

Hochman and Goldin will determine whether your case is eligible to be sealed or expunged, or if this is even the best course of action. Let our professional and experienced team handle this matter to help save you time and money.

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