Know the Road Rules- Check Out These Traffic Myths

When it comes to speeding tickets and other traffic violations, there are a lot of commonly known “facts” that can actually be myths, and vice versa. What if your ticketing officer doesn’t show up to court? How valid is the “faulty radar” defense? If there aren’t any signatures on the ticket, does it still count? Knowing these common traffic ticket myths and facts can help save you time – and money – in the long run. Below are a number of common traffic facts and myths that may surprise you.

1. Courts drop tickets if officers don’t show up to the hearing. Depends. Some states don’t require the officer to appear in court and will try the case, regardless. Some states, however, do require an appearance and the judge will toss the case should they officer not come.
2. Radar inaccuracy helps you plead “not guilty” to a speeding ticket. Myth. This excuse won’t work with most judges unless you have evidence to support your claim. The only evidence you might be able to provide is proof that the officer’s equipment hasn’t been re-calibrated recently.
3. Driving with traffic flow is not a valid reason to contest a speeding ticket. Fact. It doesn’t matter the speed of the other cars around you, your traffic citation stands.
4. Passing another vehicle is a valid reason to go over the speed limit. Myth. While passing another vehicle, you can still receive a ticket if you go over the speed limit.
5. Tickets with mistakes on them are still valid. Fact. You cannot contest a ticket due to a clerical error on the officer’s part. Judges won’t allow typos as a defense.

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