Kicking the Texting While Driving Habit

textDrive (2)Now that texting while driving is a primary offense in Florida, you may find yourself unintentionally using your phone to send a quick message. It’s a habit that may not be the easiest to break, but thankfully there are tools available to assist with avoiding a warning from an officer or being involved in an accident due to distracted driving.

Perhaps the easiest way to resist the urge to grab your phone is to use its built-in tools designed to prevent distractions. If you’re using an Android device, look for the “do not disturb” option in the sound settings menu. This option lets you choose what sounds to hear. For iPhones, the do not disturb option also lets you choose when you don’t wish to be disturbed, such as if and when the phone detects that you’re driving.

While the above options prevent sounds, you can take things a step further by using apps designed to prevent mobile phone use. One of these is a free option called LifeSaver that can detect when you’re driving and will prevent you from using your phone unless it is hands-free. AT&T has an app for Android users called DriveMode that silences alerts, responds to texts automatically to indicate you’re driving, and can also inform parents if it is turned off.

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