It Isn’t Your Imagination – Miami Traffic Is The Worst In Years

It isn’t news to Miami-Dade residents that traffic here is terrible. We’ve highlighted a few studies confirming what everyone, from long-time residents to visitors, have observed: congestion is bad, is getting worse, and doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

And it’s not just during the expected workday rush. It is constant, at nearly any time of the day, and often without any explanation. Even on a good day the traffic can be unbearable, and all it takes is some rain, a fender bender, or some roadside maintenance to make it unspeakably worse.

Even The Miami Herald, among other sources, has taken notice of this inauspicious trend, capturing the source of the problem:

You’re not imagining it. Studies of congestion in Miami-Dade show it’s been getting steadily worse, especially since the end of the Great Recession. The population is growing, more people are working, tourists are flocking all over and developers in resurgent neighborhoods in and around downtown Miami, Brickell and Miami Beach are building like mad. They’re not just bringing in thousands more people, along with their cars, to narrow urban streets that couldn’t handle the traffic before; they’re also exacerbating bottlenecks as they close lanes and streets to replace old sewer and water lines or accommodate multi-block mega-projects. And there’s much more of that to come.

Though highways in Broward County can get backed up at peak times, congestion in Miami-Dade area is consistently rated among the very worst in the nation and has become a hot-button political issue, with elected leaders for the first time in years issuing calls for transit expansion. Some have even questioned the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars on road projects, like the seemingly unending reconstruction of the Palmetto and Dolphin expressway interchange, instead of on mass-transit alternatives that could broaden transportation options.

To make matter worse, relief isn’t coming any time soon. With transportation funding severely strained, and space along the narrow urban strip limited, there is little chance for the massive investment required to implement a mass transit system or more roads.

The ever constant tweaks and additions being made to various expressways can only do so much. Some estimates think it would take billions of dollars to overhaul Miami-Dade’s inadequate infrastructure – not an appealing endeavor for either the country or the state.

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