Is the End of Red Light Cameras in Sight?

redLightIn 2020, drivers running red lights may no longer have to deal with the threat of red light cameras after the Florida House voted to ban it throughout the state. The bill will now be placed into the hands of the Senate.

Boynton Beach was the one remaining city in Palm Beach County to have red light cameras, which were phased out last year. In Broward County, Tamarac, Davie, Sunrise, and West Park continue to operate red light cameras. Over in Miami-Dade, just over fifteen cities still use the cameras.

Back in 2014, a state appeals court deemed the red light camera law unconstitutional, spurring a number of municipalities throughout Florida to end their programs. However, a separate appeals court ruled in favor of the cameras, which means the law may ultimately end up in the hands of the Florida Supreme Court.

The red light camera issue remains contentious among Florida politicians, with some citing the increased amount of rear-ending accidents that have only resulted in a negative fiscal impact. However, others point to its money saving benefits in scenarios where the cameras are much more cost effective versus having to hire additional police officers.

How do you feel about the red light camera program?

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