Is Miami-Dade Manipulating Traffic Lights?

Is Miami-Dade County using stealth methods to increase its revenue via red light cameras? A retired St. Thomas University dean named Gus Kalogeras seems to think so after noticing that a yellow light in the city of Aventura changed to red a little faster than usual.  After receiving a ticket for $158, Kalogeras decided to investigate further.

Mister Kalogeras timed the amount of time the yellow light remained lit at the particular intersection where he received the ticket and compared it to neighboring lights.  According to Kalogeras, that intersection light lasted a full second less than the other lights, raising questions as to whether the county is seeking alternative ways to boost its revenue.  Per federal government rules, the yellow traffic light should last five seconds.  Per Miami-Dade County, every one of its yellow traffic lights do in fact last at least four seconds or more.  Who is to blame then?

The fault may actually be the computers that control traffic lights which on rare occasions may not be properly calibrated.  Aventtura city manager Erik Soroka believes that red light cameras do have their uses since the numbers show a decrease in collisions, although national studies have shown that there is no significant safety increase.

As for mister Kalogeras, he has yet to resolve his traffic light case.

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