Is It Safe to Stream While on the Road?

distractedDrivingWith smartphones becoming a road distraction and some drivers potentially going as far as to watch movies or television shows while stopped, new drivers may be wondering about the legalities of doing such a thing. Is it legal to stream video while you’re behind the wheel?

Florida Statute 316.303 directly focuses on a television in the view of a driver along with any law exceptions. A driver is not allowed to have a TV screen or anything that displays some type of streaming entertainment in front of them at any time. Whether it’s a streaming account or a website, during driving, a driver shouldn’t have these videos in their direct view when operating a vehicle. Doing so may result in receiving a hefty ticket or worse, it could lead to a serious crash.

With passengers, however, it’s a different story.

Indeed, passengers cant enjoy their Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ without a problem. As for drivers, the one screen they are allowed to have in their view is that of a GPS helping them reach their destination.

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