Is It Okay to Pass a Police Officer?

copsThere are the unwritten rules of the road and then there are the ones that become law. Drivers often tense up when they spot law enforcement nearby. If you’re driving behind one of these vehicles and they happen to be driving really slow, the unofficial rule is to be patient and not pass the vehicle.

Drivers should know that the rule is indeed unofficial. In other words, there is no law stating that it is illegal to pass a police officer. However, if you do decide to pass, it’s also wise to proceed with caution. Most drivers will refrain from passing a law enforcement vehicle as it may result in drawing unwanted attention. Depending on what the driver may or may not be doing, this could put them at greater odds of receiving a traffic ticket.

If you are on the roads and you’re noticing the police officer in front of you is driving slow, try and look for any reasons as to why. The officer may be part of a funeral procession, which has its own set of laws. If the coast seems clear and you’re not doing anything wrong, you can pass the officer without breaking the law, but always use your best judgment and follow the laws of the road if you decide to do so.

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