Is Florida’s Driving Test Too Hard?

drivingTestDid you know that over seventy percent of would-be Florida drivers in some areas of the state ended up failing the written portion of the Florida driving test?  The unusually high rate of failure prompted the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to revise its driver handbook, creating a new manual featuring a greater amount of pictures in color.

For years, the written portion of the Florida driver’s test was comprised of twenty questions.  In fact, the questions could largely be reviewed online.  However, the state has since switched to a longer fifty question test where potential drivers must evaluate driving situations and correctly identify road signs.  This new test is seemingly stumping many testers.

Are clearer pictures and text the best way to go?  It’s suggested that some of the scenarios presented in the manual need better clarification, such as dealing with road rage, or turn signals.  In the latter case, many drivers leave their turning signals on continuously which only serves to confuse other drivers and cause unnecessary braking.

Have you taken the longer, tougher Florida driving test?  If so, what did you think of it?  Is it that difficult or do Florida drivers perhaps need better education on proper driving practices and laws before they should be allowed to receive their license?

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