Intoxicated Horseback Riding May Result in a DUI

horseRoadGetting a DUI typically happens because the driver was caught operating a vehicle while under the influence. However, with Florida’s reputation for often making headlines for some unusual or amusing reasons, there are examples of people being arrested for DUI despite not having driven something like a car, truck, or motorcycle.

Two examples happened back in November of 2017. A woman was arrested for DUI when she was stopped after drivers caught her riding her horse on a highway. When law enforcement administered a breathalyzer, she was well over the legal limit. In another example, a man was charged with a DUI after erratically driving a lawnmower on the road with a case of beer in tow. He too was well over the legal limit when he was stopped.

Sure enough, taking a closer look at Florida statute 316.193 reveals that although a person must be driving or physically controlling a vehicle, there is no clear definition stating the vehicle is limited solely to a traditional automobile or a type of motor vehicle. It is indeed quite possible to get a DUI while riding a horse, a lawnmower, a golf cart, or even a motorized wheelchair.

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