Illegal Immigrants May Become Licensed Drivers

driveFlorida is once again generating national headlines, and you may have already read about the reason why. A bill was recently introduced into Florida’s House and Senate that would bestow driver’s licenses to immigrants regardless of their current immigration status. The bill would allow immigrants that may be here illegally to use documents such as a foreign birth certificate or an unexpired foreign passport to obtain their license.

The House bill sponsor believes the legislation will create a deeper level of trust with those that may be considered “marginalized” and it will also make the roads safer. The Florida Immigrant Coalition also backs up this belief, stating that permitting those without proper documentation to receive a license would “cement” trust in law enforcement. The group also believes that insurance premiums would be lower and the roads would be safer.

Only time will tell whether illegal immigrants will be able to legally drive on the Florida roadways. For now, at least, current state law requires that anyone wishing to obtain a driver’s license must prove they are a citizen of the United States or a resident alien.

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