How to Prepare to Contest a Florida Traffic Ticket

Despite the fact that a police officer’s ultimate duty is to bring those who break the law to justice, this is an impossible task to accomplish perfectly. As such, you can challenge the ticket in court if you think the officer’s decision doesn’t fairly reflect the facts.

If you decide to pursue this option, know that the outcome will depend on your story versus the officer’s recollection of events.

If you want to stand a chance in court against a police officer, you should do more research and preparation than the average citizen. This necessitates that you:

  • Assemble any images you have of the accident scene.

  • Assemble the eyewitness accounts you obtained from witnesses who were present and may have witnessed what occurred.

  • Surveillance video from establishments that might have captured the incident.

Simply put, your chances of success increase with the amount of evidence you have to back up your claim. It can seem difficult to contest a Florida traffic ticket, but it doesn’t have to be. By hiring a Miami traffic ticket lawyer, you can receive guidance on what to anticipate in court and how to present the strongest defense if you wish to contest the ticket.

If you wish to contest a traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, or if you believe you received an unfair red light camera ticket, contact a red light camera violation attorney at Hochman & Goldin, P.A. 

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