How to Get Your Record Expunged

There are numerous benefits to an expunged or sealed record.   Each state has its own process which can be tedious and confusing.  Your best bet is to hire a lawyer that is experienced in the expungement process in your state.  The professionals at Hochman & Goldin, P.A. are dedicated Miami Expungement Lawyers.

Expungement is the process that allows your public records to be destroyed and the incident in which you were arrested for would be considered to never have happened.  Figuring out what type of record you need expunged is the first and most important step in the expungement process.  Once you figure out what type of record you want expunged, you need to figure out if you qualify for an expungement.  In the state of Florida, convictions cannot be sealed or expunged for adults, however, individuals who have cases where the charges were dismissed can request their record be sealed and later on expunged.  If you are juvenile, any conviction you may have will be automatically be expunged at the age of 23 or 25, depending on the seriousness of the transgression.

Adults seeking to expunge their record would begin by filling out an application with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Be advised that this form requires details like fingerprints and a certified form of disposition of the case, which you can get from your local law enforcement agency or the court itself.  Once this form is filled out and filed with the Department of Law Enforcement, they will then decide whether a Certificate of Eligibility can be granted.  If they decide that the certificate can be granted, than the individual must petition the court in the jurisdiction where the conviction occurred to have their record expunged.

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