How Miami will Evolve in 2015

As the new year begins, the city of Miami is expected to evolve in different areas that will help shape the future of the city. Here at Hochman & Goldin, we want to share some of the ways in which the city is growing and changing culturally, structurally, and even physically, as some of the neighborhoods in Miami will be updated, while the art scene in Miami will continue to expand, and new construction changes will re-imagine the city’s skyline.

As far as Miami’s art scene, we are already seeing that other parts of the city besides Wynwood, are also housing galleries and artistic facilities that are popping up. Though, Wynwood continues to be a place for art and art galleries, there are also other neighborhoods that are now taking part in this still up and coming scene, some of which are very near Wynwood, such as Little Haiti and Little River. Some of the galleries popping up are Guccivuitton and MichaelJonGallery in Little River, and Gesamtkunstwerk project, Butter Gallery, Spinello Projects, Wynwood Radio, Product 81, and Panther Coffee’s scientist lab in Allapattah.

Downtown is also an emerging area in art with an artistic project space, Primary Projects which showcases established and emerging artists. The area also has other emerging projects in art, music, entertainment, or culture as well as houses Cannonball which has a residency program and adult initiatives.

There is also a certain area in downtown that may soon see cultural development which is located in a pretty vacant spot south of Wynwood and west of Perez Art Museum Miami.

These are just a few exciting new upcoming developments we can expect in 2015 in our city. If you need assistance from a Miami Ticket Lawyer, contact Hochman & Goldin P.A. at (305)665-100 or email, we can provide you with a Miami Traffic Attorney.


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