How Long Should You Wait at a Stop Sign?

unnamed (16)When you’re at a stop sign, have you ever stopped and wondered how long you should remain there before moving forward? We all know that it’s important to obey a stop sign and come to a complete stop whenever you see one, but how much time should go by before proceeding?

There isn’t a specific time you need to wait at a stop sign, but it is important that you do come to a full stop. This means the vehicle has come to a resting point, the tires are not in motion, and the vehicle is not moving forward. You’ll know the vehicle is fully stopped when you feel that last “rocking” where the vehicle seems to slightly move back. Anything else is what’s considered a “rolling stop” and it may result in receiving a ticket due to failing to come to a complete stop if a law enforcement officer happens to notice.

Once you’ve come to a complete stop, always make sure that you yield the right of way to any traffic in which you are required to stop. Should you have any questions about what steps you are legally required to take at a stop or yield intersection, check out Florida Statute 316.123 at the following link:

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