How Do Careless and Reckless Driving Differ?

smartphone-hand-person-girl-woman-car-976805-pxhere.comCareless driving and reckless driving may sound similar, but they do have some considerable differences that are worth knowing about. For example, should a driver receive a careless driving violation, it will more than likely result in a basic traffic ticket. The term “careless driving” may also serve as an umbrella term for non-life-threatening traffic collisions for which a driver would receive a careless driving citation.

As implied by the name, reckless carries deeper ramifications. For starters, a reckless driving charge will likely result in a court summons, and depending on the severity of the cause, a driver may also be placed under arrest. Reckless driving means that the driver showed an intentional disregard for other drivers’ safety while on the road and there may also be more than one violation involved.

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