How a Miami Traffic Attorney Can Help You Fight a Stop Sign Ticket















The law stipulates that every car that approaches a stop sign comes to a complete stop. Failure to stop at a stop sign is subject to a fine, which is normally between $70 and $200. Penalties, however, might be significantly increased if additional factors like school and construction zones are present. Additionally, your license will receive points, which will increase the cost of your insurance.

Even though it can be difficult to prove if someone stopped at a stop sign, there are a few possible strategies a Miami traffic attorney could employ to prove your innocence.

Avoiding a Reckless Driver

You might occasionally have to disregard the stop sign in order to avoid a dangerous driver. If this is the case, you may acknowledge that you ran the stop sign but highlight that you did so to avoid danger.

Contest the Situation’s Subjectivity

Although many judges in these situations tend to favor the authorities, you can offer eyewitness testimony or directly argue the point of view if you think you did make the requisite stop. Perhaps the police believed that you rolled through the stop sign when, in fact, you stopped 20 feet away from the line. If you can, make sure to capture the view from both ends.

Claim Error in Fact

You have to have broken the law in order to get a ticket. You may claim that you did not see the stop sign if it was out of your line of sight, covered in vegetation, or something else.


If you wish to contest a traffic violation, such as a stop sign ticket, or if you believe you received an unfair red light camera ticket, contact a red light camera violation attorney at Hochman & Goldin, P.A.