Honolulu Plans for America’s First Driverless Transit System

Studies have shown that commuting by car is more dangerous than commuting by public transit, which means cops are out in full force looking for traffic violators. Many major accidents happen during rush hour which means that the first call some South Florida commuters will be making is to their Miami traffic lawyers. As Miami looks to develop new transit options for commuters, Honolulu may have a new driverless public transit system coming soon.

According to Citylab, the city of Honolulu in Hawaii currently has plans to create a 20-mile elevated rail line that hopes to make the daily commute for suburban island dwellers to the city’s downtown area more manageable. The project would be the first above-ground rail system for the state and projections say that it could remove 40,000 cars from the roads which would significantly ease traffic. This would reduce commuting time for both for travelers who switch to the rail system but also for those who must travel by car.

While popular in Europe and Asia, the article says driverless transit systems haven’t yet made it to the United States. Because of their lack of human interference, they have been shown to be more reliable in terms of timeliness and are presumably less likely to breakdown. When Paris updated to a driverless transit system, it was able to accommodate more than 25% more passengers an hour on one of its busiest route.

Unfortunately for South Florida commuters, there are no plans to bring driverless transit systems to the city anytime soon which means we cannot avoid the risk of getting a ticket or fine. If you get a traffic ticket, you should consult Hochman & Goldin, P.A., the best Miami expungement lawyers available. They will be able help you clear your driving record and avoid any suspensions that would force you to be unable to drive, allowing you to continue to commute by car. To receive a consultation on the services, contact (305) 665-1000.

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