High-Risk Driver Insurance in Florida

Hochman BlogIt is no secret that high-risk auto insurance is expensive. A high-risk driver has been deemed more likely to file a claim because of factors such as their age and past driving record, resulting in a higher cost of insurance. However, in the state of Florida, it is exceptionally pricey. Florida has a higher amount of crashes and claims than any other state, with an average death rate of 14.8 in every 100,000 people (the national average is 11). In 2019 alone, there were a total of 401,867 reported crashes, with 2,951 fatalities. 16% of total crashed involved teenage drivers.

Keeping all these stats in mind will help you better understand why high-risk insurance costs can be so high. Even with a higher national average, the cost of insurance will depend on the individual driver.

Speeding tickets can result in higher insurance rates. It will depend on how fast you were going and how many you have accumulated in the past. Speeding is the leading cause of accidents and insurance claims, so this results in a higher premium. If you have recently received a speeding ticket you feel was not deserved, call Hochman Goldin, Miami traffic ticket lawyer for help.

Car accidents will also raise your insurance costs. Fender benders, causing pedestrian and cyclist injury, and other property (auto or otherwise) damages will undoubtedly cause your premium to rise. The severity of the accident will determine by how much, along with your previous driving history.

Traffic accidents and other tickets on your record will cause your insurance costs to rise. If you have recently been in an accident or received a significant traffic violation that has landed on your record, a Miami expungement attorney can help you remove them, giving you the potential to have a lower insurance cost and clean criminal record.

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