Hey, Florida Drivers: Let’s Not Run Over People Anymore.

The Sunshine State is no doubt an eccentric one. The term “Florida Man” often appears as a setup to numerous punchlines about what bizarre crime or act has been done, be it clickbait or true. But what is a chilling and true story is that Florida drivers appear to have a pervasive trend of running people over.

The city Florida drivers run over pedestriansof Orlando, in particular, has been ranked as one of the deadliest metro areas for pedestrians, according to the Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI). Last year motorists in Central Florida struck over 900 of them and 87 of them were fatalities. This shouldn’t be happening due to a state law where drivers are required to stop when a pedestrian sets foot in the crosswalk. If they fail to do so, the penalty is a $164 fine and three points on their license. Orlando wasn’t the only city in Florida to be included on the PDI report; Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami were also on the list. For those who are wondering which is the safest for pedestrians, it’s Boston.

We drivers in Florida can and must do better to watch for pedestrians and prevent a senseless tragedy.

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