Have You Received a Traffic Ticket in Florida? Learn Your Options















Everything is new the first time around. We don’t always know how to deal with these firsts, and traffic tickets are no exception. However, if this is your first ticket, here are your three options of what to do after receiving a traffic ticket:

Pay the Fine and Move On

Remember that paying the penalty could result in points on your license as well as an increase in your insurance premiums.

Pay the Fine and Sign Up for Traffic School

This implies you’ll have to pay both the ticket and the traffic school fees. Most schools need you to attend a class for at least four hours. While online traffic school is available, you must still complete the four-hour equivalent in a classroom.

Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Court

This means you don’t have to pay your ticket until the end of your trial, and you won’t have to pay anything if it’s dismissed. It’s normally advisable to employ legal counsel if you plan to contest your ticket or if you want special arrangements. A Miami traffic attorney can help you avoid traffic school and save time by representing you in all court appearances.

Never ignore or do nothing in response to a traffic ticket. Failure to respond to a traffic ticket can result in further fees and fines, as well as the suspension of your driver’s license. 

More questions about traffic violations? Contact a red light camera violation attorney.

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