Google Maps Will Receive Real-Time Reporting

navigation-2049641_1280If you’ve used navigation apps on your smartphone, you may be familiar with Waze. The app stands out by allowing users to report incidents such as hazards on the road, the presence of police, and more in real-to,e. After Google purchased Waze in 2013, its own Google Maps received some traffic data from Waze but the two continued to operate independently.

Fast forward several years and Google Maps is now getting some of the real-time reporting features Waze users have been accustomed to and using for years. Users will soon be able to report road incidents including speed traps and accidents once Google pushes a new update for both Android users and those that use iOS devices like the iPhone.

In addition to being able to report accidents, Google is taking another page from its Waze app by adding the option to report construction zones, any lanes that may be closed, vehicles that are disabled, and debris that may be causing dangerous hazards on the road.

Do you have a preference between Google Maps or Waze? If so, will the new real-time reporting updates sway you to switch to Google Maps or do you prefer to stick to the longtime reliability of Waze?

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