Florida’s Texting Laws and Fines

adult-blur-bokeh-car-230557Law enforcement officers have been cracking down on drivers that are failing to heed the state’s upgraded texting while driving laws that are now a primary offense. In school and work zones, the law is strictly enforced, meaning drivers may not be able to use their wireless communication device in a handheld manner. Hence, simply holding the phone to the ear may land a driver in trouble if they are caught.

It’s also worth noting that when it comes to fines in Miami-Dade County, for example, there is more to them than meets the eye. While a $30 fine may not seem like much, drivers may not realize that once the extra costs are added in, the seemingly inexpensive fine can ultimately end up costing about $129. On that note, a fine of $60 is more along the lines of $179. The final costs result in a much larger hit to the wallet.

Always remember to put the phone down and focus on the road, especially in a region like South Florida.

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