Florida’s Motorcycle Problem

motorcyclistWith the weather already kicking up a couple of notches as we welcome the official arrival of the summer season, drivers may be seeing a greater amount of motorcyclists on the Florida roadways. However, with more motorcyclists on the roads, their increased presence has also lead to a greater number of fatalities, jumping from 449 in 2014 to 554 in 2015. These numbers represent an increase of more than 20 percent per the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and they account for nearly 20 percent of Florida motor vehicle fatalities.

Research shows that about one in six motorcyclists do not carry the proper insurance for their vehicle. It’s estimated that these fatalities cost society about $1.48 million, and that’s for each individual fatality, not an entire group per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These costs include productivity loss, medical and court costs, property damage, and insurance costs.

Florida’s helmet law was repealed and since then fatalities have doubled. The issue is touchy but regardless of how you feel about them, helmets do save lives. The NHTSA research shows that they are over 35 percent more effective in preventing fatalities during a crash. More than half of Florida motorcyclists were seen riding without a helmet per a study by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) University of South Florida.

Motorcyclists should take all of the necessary steps to make themselves visible to drivers by using reflective gear or riding with their lights on. Drivers should also be aware that motorcyclists have the same privileges and require ample room.

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