Florida’s Cell Phone Law Will Soon Go into Effect

mobile-616012_1280Do you tend to grab your phone while driving? If so, you may want to get into the habit of not touching it unless necessary. Beginning Tuesday, October 1, Florida law enforcement officers will have the authority to pull over drivers caught using their cell phone while driving in or through a designated school crossing, school zone, or a construction/work zone.

With the new law, drivers are not allowed to even hold their phone while traveling through these zones. Instead, they must rely on using a hands-free solution should they wish to talk to on the phone while they are in these zones. Drivers that are caught will receive a warning until January 1, 2020, which is when law enforcement officers will begin charging drivers with a moving violation. This violation may include a $60 fine and other fees plus three points on the license.

While hands-free technology is a bit safer than either texting or holding the phone to your ear, it also has its risks. According to research from AAA, drivers encounter may become mentally distracted while using voice technology to send a text message, play a song, or dial a phone number. This distraction can stick around for nearly thirty seconds.

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