Florida Wants to Crack Down on Aggressive Driving

carcarcarAggressive driving remains a major problem in the United States, frequently resulting in fatal consequences. A AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study found that well over fifty percent of fatal crashes involved at least one of the drivers performing an action that could be deemed aggressive. Here in South Florida, nearly every driver has dealt with the consequences of aggressive driving or noticed it happening to a fellow driver.

As a means of giving law enforcement officers better opportunities to crack down on aggressive driving, the Florida Legislature recently gave the OK to a new statute appropriately titled “Aggressive Careless Driving”. Under the statute, if a driver commits two or more acts such as speeding, changing lanes unsafely, or passing improperly, they may receive a ticket. The statute essentially allows the Florida Highway Patrol the ability to spearhead campaigns during the year.

Remember that even if law enforcement isn’t around or doesn’t notice what is clearly a dangerous act of driving aggressively, you can report an incident by safely dialing *FHP. In case you need another reason not to drive aggressively or a reminder as to why it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings, consider that Florida motorists are not legally required to have bodily injury coverage. Hence, if you’re hurt and the driver doesn’t carry that type of coverage, it will be your responsibility to cover the medical expenses.

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