Florida Traffic Facts and Driving Tips

Are you a Miami or Florida driver?  You may be interested in some 2014 Florida traffic facts released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Over three million traffic tickets were written in the Sunshine State alone and there are just over fifteen million licensed drivers.  In 2013, more than 280,000 drivers were ticketed due to not having insurance and more than 849,000 drivers were cited because of speeding.  In fact, speeding was the most cited violation.

Of the 344,170 crashes in Florida, it’s suspected that alcohol was a possible factor in 849 of those crashes.  Nearly 50,000 motorists received tickets for driving under the influence in 2013 and over 356,000 drivers were driving without a valid license.

With these numbers, you may be asking yourself, “how can I protect myself on the road and not become another statistic?”  For starters, obey the posted speed limits.  You’ll probably be one of the slower vehicles on the road and receive dirty looks from impatient drivers but you’ll notice that the vehicles that have to slam on the brakes or end up losing control are the ones that were driving too fast to begin with.  Speed is considered the number one contributor to a crash per the federal government.

This last tip can also potentially save your life. When at an intersection, count at least three seconds when a light turns green before moving forward.  You can use this small window to look both ways before crossing and avoid a crash due to a vehicle trying to beat the light.

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