Florida May Debut Electronic Licenses

android-1814556_1280If a pair of Florida state representative has their way, Florida may soon be able to proclaim itself one of the first states in the country to debut electronic driver’s licenses. The representatives are hard at work on a bill that would result in the creation of a state database with a driver’s license and insurance information.

Should the bill pass all of its necessary hurdles in the spring, one of its benefits would be allowing drivers to present their mobile phones versus the standard physical license when they are stopped for traffic or when they are going to a polling place to vote. It’s important to reinforce, however, that the driver would be required by law to have their physical license. The proposal would serve as something of backup if, for example, the driver forgot their license at home or it was lost.

The bill is also expected to have language in place that would prevent law enforcement officers from rifling through the phone for any other data besides examining the license. There are concerns that this requirement may be ignored.

To read more, please visit https://www.wesh.com/article/florida-could-enter-era-of-digital-drivers-license/25931116.

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