Florida Law Enforcement’s Money Problem

Law enforcement agencies in Florida currently have their hands full dealing with a problem of supply and demand.  That is, there is a growing need for the services but the money supplied is having trouble keeping pace.  The situation has continued to grow, causing crimes to take longer to process in labs that are run by the state of Florida, in some cases twice as long.  Highway patrols are also having to drive vehicles that need to be replaced and turnover rates are leading to the hiring of less experienced detectives due to low pay.

Taxes have been cut by over $350 million thanks to a budget surplus, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is having trouble with the maintenance of some of its services, such as crime lab evidence processing.  Local county governments have also had to take measures into their own hands in order to make up in areas that the state is typically responsible for, such as sending patrol deputies to deal with traffic crashes that were once taken care of by highway patrols.

Six counties in Florida saw their Florida Highway Patrol troopers receive over $4,000 in raises thanks to a new budget by Governor Rick Scott.  The FDLE is also requesting an additional $39 million in 2016 to replace aging pursuit vehicles that have been driven over 23,000 miles or more each year.  At the moment, FHP is only able to replace vehicles that have 157,000 miles or more.

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