Florida Highway Patrol Zeroes in on Slow Drivers

slowDriverWhen out on the Florida roadways, many drivers fail to realize that the left lane is intended not only for passing, but also for vehicles traveling at a faster rate.  The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is recognizing this and is now doing something about tackling the problem of slow drivers in the left lane.

Indeed, motorists caught driving too slow in the left lane may be ticketed by the FHP.  To spread awareness, highway billboards will be reminding drivers that they should move over a line if they wish to drive slower than the current speed of traffic.

While it’s obvious to spot someone speeding on the Florida roadways, slow drivers can exacerbate traffic problems by causing road rage and becoming safety hazards.  As one trooper states it, people, at least, tend to be focused when they’re speeding.  Slow drivers, on the other hand, are often distracted or they may be driving too slow because they are talking on their cellphone.

Motorists that are pulled over because of their slow driving in a passing lane are subject to a potential fine of over $160.

How do you feel about the FHP cracking down on slow drivers?  Have you ever had a close call because of someone driving slow or distractedly in the passing lane?

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