Florida Finally Cracks Down on Ticket Quotas

Along with red light cameras, few law enforcement policies are more reviled than ticket quotas – an urban legend of sorts in which tickets are dispensed based on an official pre-set number, resulting in lots of people getting slapped with traffic citations solely to meet a quota. This patently unfair practice was often difficult for obvious people to prove, and certainly not admitted by law enforcement agencies or city governments.

But among the 130 new laws and regulations taking effect today is one that mercifully puts an end to this practice: SB 264, which makes it very clear that local law enforcement agencies cannot use ticket quotas. It goes even further by scrutinizing municipalities that are often complicit in this practice; specifically, it requires local governments to submit reports to the Florida Legislature if traffic-ticket revenues cover more than a third of the operating costs of their police departments.

Needless to say, this is welcomed news to millions of Florida drivers. Granted, there is no telling if law enforcement agencies across the country will find some other loophole to continue this practice. And certainly, unfairly dispensed tickets will remain a problem, whether or not they meet a quota.

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