Florida Drivers Earn a Dubious Holiday Distinction

driver2Are you among the millions of people that have decided to brave the crowds and go shopping for gifts at your local mall? If so, you may have noticed and assumed that South Florida drivers—already known for being aggressive—have been especially prickly during the holidays.

Your suspicions are indeed correct. The popular website and app GasBuddy recently published a study ranking the most aggressive holiday drivers and sure enough, Florida has earned the dubious distinction of making the top ten list, coming in at sixth place. The placement was determined by evaluating data from last month during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend as well as other factors such as speeding, accelerating rapidly, and hard braking.

The top spot in the list of most aggressive holiday drivers goes to the brave drivers in the state of Georgia, followed by California, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina in fifth place. The state with the least aggressive holiday drivers? That honor goes to Hawaii.

Considering this is the last weekend before the arrival of Christmas next week, always try and practice patience if you’re planning on heading to stores and if it’s possible, consider ordering your last minute gifts online. Stay safe!

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