Florida County Tosses Out Thousands of Red-Light Camera Cases

In yet another reversal for Florida’s controversial red-light camera program, two Broward County traffic judges dismissed 24,000 pending red-light camera ticket cases, according to a recent report in the Sun-Sentinel. This amounted to over $6.3 million worth of fines.

Moreover, the judges ruled that the red-light program violated Florida law, as the videos were sent to an Arizona-based vendor for screening before being forwarded to local police for ticketing; state law mandates that only law enforcement can issue violations.

Thus, the ruling may inspire similar dismissals along these grounds. Regardless, cities across South Florida have already begun ending their red-light programs in response to both legal and public pressure against these programs.

Other cities around South Florida have ended red-light camera programs. Boca Raton stopped its program last month, joining other municipalities like Palm Beach County, Margate, Hallandale Beach and Coral Springs, which have put a stop to red-light camera tickets.

Fort Lauderdale suspended its red light traffic program on March 6, after a Broward traffic court ruled that it violated the statue. The City Commission is expected to discuss the matter at its regular meeting Tuesday night. Mayor Jack Seiler declined to comment on the case, saying he didn’t have enough information on the latest ruling.

Hearings are scheduled for cases in Aventura on March 30 and in Boynton Beach on April 1 and in Polk County on May 28th. Hollander said a class-action lawsuit has also been filed in federal court in Miami seeking to recoup fines for clients who have paid tickets since the inception of the program four years ago.

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