Florida Bill Seeks Larger Fines for Passing School Buses

school-bus-4406479_1920Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will soon receive a new bill aimed at doubling the penalties against any drivers that do not stop for a stationary school bus. Present legislation punishes drivers with a $100 fine for failing to stop for a school bus. The minimal fine increases to $200 when a driver passes a school bus on the side where kids enter or exit. Both offenses also bear a possible revocation of a license for subsequent committed offenses.

Known as CS/HB 37, should the bill manage to clear its various hurdles and become law, the minimum penalty would increase to $200 should a driver pass a school bus that has stopped. The bill will also raise the minimum penalty for drivers driving on the side of a bus where children go in or out to $400. Furthermore, subsequent offenses may result in a one to two year suspension of a driver’s license. If Governor DeSantis approves the bill, it would go into effect at the beginning of next year.

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