Florida Bill Makes Bold Moves on Distracted Driving

distractedDrivingWhile Florida legislators look for ways to tackle texting and driving, another pair is looking to take things up a notch by also making it illegal to perform other actions such as applying makeup or even petting your pooch.

The state legislators believe Florida is in need of stricter laws when it comes to Florida’s roads. In order to ensure pedestrians and drivers are safe, the goal is to get rid of distractions when behind the wheel and concentrate solely on driving. Some of the examples of what would be considered illegal under the bill include reading, interacting with cargo that is unsecured, using a cell phone or any “personal wireless communications device”, writing, and the aforementioned pets and makeup. The bill also includes a clause mentioning “any other activity, conduct, task, or action that causes a distraction” that broadens the scope of what could be considered distracted driving.

It’s that clause that could lead to issues which could result in allowing a law enforcement officer to pull someone over for virtually any reason due to its subjective nature. For example, consuming food while driving could be construed as being distracted.

To read more, please visit https://www.tampabay.com/transportation/florida-lawmakers-target-no-nos-behind-the-wheel-texting-makeup-petting-your-dog-and-more-20190225/.

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