FDOT Proposal Seeks to Ease Traffic

tollWould you pay a little extra to avoid traffic slowdowns? Express lanes such as those on I-95 are already intended to ease the flow of traffic, but what the state has in mind is quite different. Double-decker toll lanes are being proposed on the Palmetto Expressway, resulting in an express route between South Dade and State Road 836 with the goal of allowing drivers to pay money to avoid traffic tie-ups.

Similar to I-95, optional toll lanes would be used to fund a project stretching just over five miles set to be built about thirty feet above street level. These elevated lanes would be considered express lanes, providing a connection free of stops between 836 and the Don Shula Expressway to the north and south, respectively.

These proposed double-decker toll lanes are among the several options Florida’s Department of Transportation has been evaluating as a way to widen the Palmetto and create “managed” toll lanes near the current free lanes. Like I-95, prices on the optional toll lanes would fluctuate depending on the level of traffic congestion.

To read more, please visit https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article227309044.html.

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