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The Law Offices of Hochman and Goldin, P.A, is a Miami-based law firm dedicated to providing representation to individuals charged with various traffic violations throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and The Palm Beaches. We’re dedicated to providing the most professional and comprehensive legal services in South Florida, which is why we’re taking the time to answer Frequently Asked Questions.

Our firm’s services includes fighting tickets related to speeding and civil traffic infractions, red light and camera violations, and toll violations (including MDX, toll-by-plate, and Sunpass). Additionally, Hochman and Golden, P.A. provides expunging and sealing services for criminal records, and also offers consultation in criminal traffic charges.

When it comes to dealing with these legal matters, taking the necessary and most-efficient steps may be quite difficult for those outside of a legal background, and especially for individuals who have never experienced such charges. At our firm, we endeavor to provide resources for our clients to help them understand the process. One particular feature of our website is a page that provides answers to frequently-asked questions, such as “When is my deadline to respond,” “Do I have to appear in court,” and “How much do you charge?” This page is great to help increase an understanding of the entire process, but we encourage clients to call the law firm and speak to an attorney, who can determine the right course on a case-by-case basis. Our attorneys will also represent clients in court, saving you both time and money.

We can address any and all concerns you may have with the help of a Contact section located at the bottom of every page. Our friendly, bilingual staff is available to assist you over the phone as well. Just call the number 305-665-1000 today; consultations are always free. Explore our website to find more information about our law firm, to see a listing of testimonials from satisfied clients, and to read our blogs for additional updates and information.

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    Uploading a ticket does not create an agreement of representation by our firm. You will receive confirmation that we have accepted your case and we will contact you for payment arrangements.