DUI Risks

Going out on the weekend and having some drinks can certainly be fun, as long as you have a designated driver or take a cab home and refrain from attempting to drive.  What happens if, for example, you decide to go out drinking on Sunday knowing you have to get up bright and early on Monday and drive to the office?  You should be alright from risking a DUI, correct?  That’s not quite the case.

Your consumption of food, how fast you were consuming alcohol, you age, weight, and your gender will all play a role in determining how quickly your body is capable of absorbing alcohol, and you become sober.  Most people’s blood alcohol content (BAC) reduces at a rate of .015 percent per hour, so if you stayed out drinking until 2 am and your BAC was .2 percent, your BAC would have dropped to about .110 by 8 am.  That BAC number is still considered more than the legal limit, and you would therefore still be at risk of being stopped or ticketed for a DUI.

How quickly your body metabolizes alcohol will heavily determine your BAC, so it’s best not to rely on websites that claim to be able to figure out your BAC based on certain criteria.  Better yet, instead of risking driving on the road, stay home or work from home and don’t risk putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

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