DUI Injuries on the Decline

uberThere is some good news to report for once regarding DUI-related deaths and injuries. Thanks to the ever-increasing prevalence of ridesharing, these deaths and injuries are seeing welcoming declines here in the state of Florida.

While it’s hard to pinpoint one particular reason for the decline, the downward trend does seem to correlate with the rise of services like Uber and Lyft which are now commonplace and highly relied upon by numerous Floridians. Additionally, there are ongoing efforts to educate young drivers on the dangers of driving under the influence. Florida has also made it a priority to concentrate on DUI enforcement. Collectively, these factors go a tremendously long way in making Florida’s treacherous roads a little safer for everyone.

While Uber and Lyft remain the kings of ridesharing, there are additional ways to potentially navigate the roads a little safer or at least save some money. The popular GPS navigation app Waze recently launched a new carpool service appropriately called Waze Carpool. Intended for commuting to and from work, users enter their destination which then shows if there are any other people headed in the same direction. If you find a driver that works near you, you can carpool for a reasonable fare. Do keep in mind that unlike Lyft and Uber, these drivers are not background checked.

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