DUI and Public Intoxication

duiHere is a scenario a driver may run into: he or she is arrested for public intoxication. The officer knows the person drove to the location but may not have actually seen the driver in the car. In such a scenario, can the driver still receive a DUI charge?

Chances are that yes, there is a possibility as circumstantial evidence can be used to support the case. In most standard DUI cases, it is required that it be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was indeed under the influence or intoxicated while he or she was driving. If the defendant happened to be intoxicated prior to or afterward, it doesn’t necessarily prove he or she may have been intoxicated while they were driving. It’s important to emphasize that the word ‘while’ factors heavily in these cases, and they all differ based upon the circumstances. Your best bet would be to consult a traffic or DUI attorney who can provide better clarity and discuss what your options are.

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