Driving with Expired Tags

expiredTicket-1There are just two weeks left before we say goodbye to the year and welcome 2016.  With a new year about to begin, it may be a good idea to take a look at your registration tags and ensure that they are current.  Driving with an expired tag—even if it’s just a single day—can run the risk of receiving a ticket if you are caught by a law enforcement officer.  If it’s been more than six months and your tags are expired, your penalties will likely include points on your license, fines, losing the privilege to drive, or even jail time.

There is little legwork involved in making sure that your tag is current.  A quick Internet search will point you to something like the website www.gorenew.com where you can fill out all of the required information without having to leave home.  Most drivers will be required to pay $76.35 or $157.60 to renew their registration for one or two years, respectively.

According to Florida state laws, it is considered a non-moving violation if you are caught driving with a tag that’s been expired for less than six months.  Any subsequent offenses will be considered a second-degree misdemeanor.  Should you receive a ticket because you were caught driving with an expired tag, you may wish to consider what options are available to fight the ticket.  If you simply pay the ticket it is considered an admission of guilt, so it might be worth consulting with a Miami traffic attorney before paying the fine.

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