Driving Slow in the Left Lane

adult-automotive-blur-car-13861An effective way to quickly anger a South Florida driver is to drive behind a vehicle that is not keeping up with the flow of traffic. Drivers can become quite infuriated when they have to slam on the brakes when they’re traveling in the left lane because a driver is going too slow. Often this vehicle is traveling at the speed limit or below it, and will not move into the right lane even if the driver behind them politely flashes their lights to get them to move.

Florida Statute 316.081 states that slower vehicles are required to yield to those that are moving faster, but many drivers either fail to do so or are unaware of this. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, over 40,000 citations were issued between 2014 to 2019 due to drivers running afoul of the law.

Could permanent signs on the road stating “slower traffic keep right” help with reminding drivers what they’re supposed to do? You may have seen this message or something similar to it on the electronic signs found on the highways, but these messages are only temporary.

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