Drivers and Marijuana Usage

marijuanaDrivingMarijuana legalization remains a hot topic and a very divisive one. Regardless of what your personal stance on the issue may be, research provided by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows concerning results. Over in Washington where marijuana is legal, the number of crashes involving drivers that may have used marijuana doubled. According to the research, about seventeen percent of Washington drivers that were involved in a fatal crash in 2014 had recently used marijuana, a number that’s even higher than it was in 2013.

Does this mean that marijuana is the culprit behind these crashes. Not necessarily. The seventeen percent figure isn’t entirely accurate because “recently” could mean that the driver had used marijuana the day before and therefore still showed traces of it in his or her system.

Back in 2014 just under sixty percent of Florida voters supported legalizing medical marijuana and the issue will be up for voting and debate once again this November which will surely lead to divided opinions. Per the AAA, it’s tricky to determine whether a marijuana user is too high to drive, unlike drunk driving where there is an objective way to measure a person’s blood-alcohol content.

Whether you’re for or against marijuana legalization, always remain safe and vigilant on the roads and drive responsibly.

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