Don’t Pay Your Red Light Camera Violations- Call Hochman & Goldin PA to Explore Your Options

Red light cameras have become widespread in Miami and Florida, and subsequently, so have Red Light Camera Violations. Thousands of drivers have been ticketed for allegedly running a red light, but – believe it or not – many of these citations have been issued wrongfully or even illegally. For example, were you the one actually driving the offending vehicle? And what if the red light you supposedly ran was instead a permitted right turn on red?

In these or other scenarios, there may be a defense to your citation. Most Florida residents don’t realize that the state has a two-tier system for these violations, with those receiving a “Notice of Violation” having the potential to minimize or even clear their infraction. If you have already received a Florida Uniform Traffic citation, don’t plead guilty and put a conviction on your record by paying the hefty $277 fine.

Instead, turn to a trusted and experience Miami Traffic Attorney at Hochman & Goldin PA. For nearly two decades, we’ve been one of the most trusted and reliable ticket law firms in South Florida. We’ve handled over 180,000 cases in the courts of Miami-Dade and Broward counties, working closely with our clients to ensure their meet their exact needs. We’re so confident in our services that we guarantee that you’ll receive points on your license or your money back on civil infractions (provided that no other tickets have been received within a year). For a flat fee of just $69 per civil violation (not including imposed court costs) we’ll provide an experienced attorney to do everything possible to get your case dismissed.

We at Hochman and Goldin specialize in numerous other civil traffic infractions, including speeding, careless driving, improper passing, failure to yield, and more. Explore our website or contact a Miami Traffic Lawyer today to find out more. Call us at  305-665-1000.

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