Don’t Forget to Move Over

moveOverA recent sentencing over in Palm Beach County could serve as a way to remind drivers about the state’s Move Over Act. In effect since 2002, the law defines how drivers should yield should they encounter emergency vehicles parked on the side of a highway. Unless they are told or instructed otherwise by a law enforcement officer, drivers should either move over once it’s safe to do so or slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle. If the posted speed limit is already 20 miles per hour or less, then the driver is required to slow down to 5 miles per hour.

Per Florida law, drivers must switch over and move out of the lane that’s closest to an emergency vehicle, sanitation vehicle, utility service vehicle or wrecker if they are driving on the highway with two lanes or more heading in the same direction. Drivers that fail to heed the law could receive a Move Over citation which includes up to three points on their license and a potential fine. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings so that they have sufficient time to move to another lane if they spot an emergency vehicle on the side of the highway.

Even if it’s only a motorist that’s stranded on the side, it’s still a good idea to try and get into the habit of moving over safely.

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