Do You Believe One of These Ticket Myths?

wlmDid you recently receive a traffic ticket? You may think you fully grasp the situation and what steps to take to avoid mistakes. Yet there are plenty of drivers that still believe some of the myths associated with tickets, and these myths can prove costly if the driver isn’t aware that they are, in fact, a myth.

Ticket errors will result in a dismissal. If a law enforcement officer mistakenly writes information in a field where it’s not supposed to go, this is simply considered a clerical officer and does not mean that the ticket is invalid or can be dismissed. This may differ however if, for example, the officer documents the incorrect vehicle or violation. Having a traffic attorney review your ticket is a good way to avoid any confusion.

The ticket is dismissed if the officer doesn’t show up. This is a common misconception where drivers believe that if the officer who issued the ticket fails to show up in court, the ticket will be dropped. Even if the officer doesn’t make an appearance, it is ultimately up to the judge’s discretion to determine whether or not to drop the ticket.

Signing means you’re guilty. Signing your ticket is simply proof that you are acknowledging receipt of the ticket and does not constitute an admission of guilt. In fact, refusing to sign the ticket may carry additional penalties, including the possibility of being arrested.

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