Dealing with Your Teen’s First Traffic Ticket

teenDriver-2If you’re the parent of a teenager, there may come a moment when your adolescent gets a traffic ticket. This means facing the possibility of having your insurance rates increased as well as having to pay for the traffic ticket fines. What options are available if your teen gets a ticket? Let’s take a look.

The most obvious and perhaps the option you may wish to consider last is simply paying a violation, especially if it’s a moving violation. This will likely lead to receiving points on the license and the odds are strong that the insurance premium will increase for the next several years. For a non-moving violation, it may make more sense to pay the ticket as the price tags are typically minor and they don’t come with points attached.

Another option to consider is paying the ticket and having the teen attend traffic school, which avoids having points added to the driving record. While this may serve as a way to teach the teenager a lesson in safe driving, traffic school does require several hours of time and it comes with a fee.

A potentially effective option to consider? Fight your teen’s traffic ticket. This option may result in the ticket being dismissed, which means there is no risk of it appears on the teen’s driving record.

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