Crime Rates in Miami-Dade County

Recent statistics has shed light on crime rates in Miami-Dade County, and there is a strong chance you probably live or work in one of its high crime areas.  Let’s take a look at a couple of zip codes to see what the top three crimes in each of these areas are and how they rank.

The Coral Gables zip code 33158 has one of the lowest crime rates in South Florida.  Its top three crimes are murder, rape, and larceny.  We then move over to 33149 in the island of Key Biscayne, its top three crimes are larceny, property crime, and motor vehicle theft.  Moving up north to the Hialeah zip code of 33016, the top crimes here are personal crime, assault, and robbery.  Miami’s 33179 zip code has murder, rape, and motor vehicle theft as its top crimes.

Each of these zip codes has a crime index of less than 100 which place among the less crime-ridden areas in South Florida.  Zip codes with a 100 crime index or higher represent areas where crime is likelier.  Some of these include the Miami zip code of 33181 where murder, rape, and robbery are the top three crimes.  Higher up on the list is 33137 (murder, robbery, motor vehicle theft), 33146 (property crime, larceny, motor vehicle theft), and 33135 (personal crime, murder, robbery).

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