COVID-19 and Florida Traffic Tickets

maxwell-ridgeway-D5FI8jv6ndU-unsplashAs COVID-19 continues to be a major concern in Florida, there may be drivers curious about traffic tickets or how the courts are operating.

Back in March, most court proceedings necessitating face-to-face interaction were temporarily suspended as a way to promote social distancing. Because of those conditions, if you have a court date in the state of Florida after March 16, you’re not supposed to appear until the state government requests otherwise.

As for traffic tickets, yes you can still receive a traffic ticket. Traffic violations are deemed discretionary, meaning the police officer observing the violation can decide whether to issue a ticket based on the severity or recklessness of the violation. Although Florida is in an emergency state, officers may decide to adopt greater leniency for less severe violations, such as expired registration, for example. These decisions remain solely with the officer, however. Nonetheless, officers will be taking extra care when they issue tickets and respond to violations to ensure the protection and the safety of the public.

If you have received a traffic ticket and intend to contest it in court, you’re required to obey the usual rules and inform the courts of your plans via writing within the 30-day timeframe or online. It is important to remember that failure to respond to a summons is still a criminal offense even during the court’s suspension of face-to-face transactions, which may result in heavier penalties and having your driver’s license suspended.

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