Court Sides With Motorist in Red-Light Camera Case

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According to CBS 4 Miami, an appeals court ruled that the city of Hollywood violated state law for its red-light traffic camera citations. According to the ruling by the appeals court, the state was in violation of statutes when it hired a private company to issue the tickets.

While the issue of red light cameras has been met with a number of differing opinions in the courts, particularly when these issues are appealed, it shows a growing concern by the Florida justice system that many red light tickets are being issued. This is the second time the 4th District Court of Appeals has taken up the issue, the first time siding with the city. It appears that there is an uncertainty of opinion on the matter.

In this court case, the appeals court sided with the defendant because his defense argued that the way the ticket was issued did not follow state rules and therefore was illegal. State laws state that the city’s themselves must issue the tickets. In this case, Hollywood had hired American Traffic Solutions to delegate the responsibilities of determining whether someone had run a red light in an intersection equipped with red light cameras.

By delegating the responsibilities to a third party, the courts determined agreed with the argument presented by the defense’s Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer that the case had been a violation of the law because the ticket had not been issued by the city of Hollywood. As a result, the ticket was thrown out.

This is just one example of several court cases that have successfully argued that a person allegedly caught running at a red light was issued a ticket illegally. Many of these cases were successfully thrown out even in instances where the person was determined to have run the red light.

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